July 24, 2012

I’ve got a job.

Starts on the 1st August.

I’m going to have to be a proper adult and I am scared! The thought of having to go to work every day is just not attractive. Mel thinks I’m going to become a ‘Weekend Warrior’. I think she is right.

The job is an Account Executive in a Medical Communications company in a tiny town near Reading. It should be a really good opportunity for me, but I do have to move to Reading.

I’ve found a house though, with a lovely but tiny attic room for me. I’m excited that I get my own floor of the house, even if it is too small for a wardrobe. I always love rooms with eaves so I’m happy.

I can’t move in until the 12th though which is a little inconvenient. I’m going to be commuting from home for a week and a half but that’s not so long.

I’m quite excited, but scared of being a proper adult. Looking forward to having a wage so much though. I want to take up a crazy hobby like aerial or caving. And go on millions of mini-breaks and holidays. I really want to go on a big trip to South East Asia around November time…can’t decide where to though…but I think it will be Amazing.