August 13, 2011

Today me and my Dad drove all the way to Wales to watch the Wales vs England rugby match. We parked at Ryan’s and we all got the train in together… The Valley Line… Full of red shirted welsh supporters…
We were the only English supporters on the train. And obviously I was wearing my brand new England rugby shirt, which I got the impression they really liked (It was bought for me by Ryan’s welsh parents after all –amazing gift).
I was booed!  2 little kids sat behind me on the train were booing me! I was going to boo back but realised I was clearly outnumbered by this train full of welshies. And I hear valley girls are scary and like to fight so thought it best not to cause any aggravation.
And then, when we finally got to the match, England lost. I was most disappointed. Wales hadn’t even been playing that well –the 1st half had 4% of play at their try line. I’m really not sure how they did it. Ryan was pleased though –he tried to cuddle me but I was having none of it. He even did the winner dance.
Look at his happy face
happy face

We did have a very nice time anyway though. Here are some pics for you.

Millennium Stadium
Millenium Stadium

Ryan and Dad
(this photo is deserted because we went into the stadium an hour and a half before the match –didn’t want to miss anything after all)
Ryan and Dad
Me and Dad
me and dad

I’m okay that we lost because I know exactly the reason why. I ignored a lucky sign. Yes it was my fault –again. It seems I didn’t leave that trait in Australia. We didn’t win because I didn’t sit in seat number 21. Even though I had the chance and had my 21 shirt on and am 21. I sat in the middle instead. There’s a moral here somewhere. Don ‘t Ignore Lucky Signs. I’ve entered the lottery though and put number 21 in so I think I can make up for it.

p.s. Do you like my shirt?

On the way home we definitely got lucky though. As we were approaching the bridge I looked across the channel and saw like a million balloons! It’s the Bristol Hot Air Balloon Festival you see.
Not even half of them!
Bristol balloon festival
Note the skilful in car photography –this was one of the lucky few photos that was not a bush, car, lorry or my Dad.

That one was my Dad
Dads driving face

Practically Drove Underneath
hot air balloon

A Floating Blue Square
Nearly thought this one was the tardis.
Blue Sq hot ail balloon

It was a good day. Even though we lost –we thought it was time we let Wales have a turn :).


Emma said...

As a Welsh person (who doesn't care about rugby, but knows a LOT of people who do!), I think you were super brave to get on a train from the Valleys while wearing an England shirt! Be grateful you only got booed :P

Remy said...

I love your shirt!

vintch said...

looks like such a fun time! with such happy people all around, how can there not be great joy? though you lost, it looks like even the rain couldn't dampen your fun!

so happy to find and follow your blog. thank you for your super kind comments on mine.

Jeff said...

The "Welshies" were not booing you, but were actually talking in Welsh and were no doubt saying something like "welcome to the valleys, pretty English girl. We love your new shirt and hope you enjoy the match, even though we are going to beat you, mun".