July 03, 2015

It seems about time that I revived this long lost blog. I seem to have missed out the Croatia chapter of my life here (many shenanigans were had) buuuut... let's skip to the good bit. I'm currently 3 days in to a 70 day Carribean adventure!

I'm currently on the island of Grenada here to study at St George's University for 4 weeks doing anatomy dissection. How I ended up with a place on this trip is completely baffling when I started with absolutely no intention of going but Danni walked into my kitchen 2 days before claiming it would be good revision practise to sit the exam. A random tick of the box saying I did indeed want to go on the trip (just to see if I could) and hear I am a few months later, 1st year medical school exams passed and about to embark on a sunny, sandy...body filled adventure.

My first impressions of this place were a cleaner, more developed version of Ghana, where houses were complete and thankfully toilet facilities seem to exist for everybody. No awful beach encounters so far!

A jet lagged 6am walk on the beach on our first day involved a medley of new friends to be made. The beach was full of joggers and people taking an early morning swim -even what seemed to look like a business meeting was occurring in the water.

One of the best encounters so far was with 'Rasta Frank' who politely enquired to Danni and I "What is your fitness regime?", hilarity ensued as exercise is so rare in our lives that I'm not quite sure what that word means anymore. " It must be in the genes" exclaimed Rasta Frank before enquiring on whether we liked to read the bible.

We spent the first real night at a Full moon beach party (with a brief detour to hang out with some new friends in a beauty salon while the rest of the group is driving around trying to find us -whoops, sorry guys :s). A live band, a sea view and some rather strong drinks added up to a great time dancing. Minor incident with a cactus in the bushes not withstanding.

Plan for today looks like a trip to the local fish market. I'm slightly confused about why this comes so highly recommended but time will tell, and I guess fish is delicious :).


P.s. I'm having some issues uploading pictures from my phone. I'll try to add these in at some point. For piccies check @itsclairek on Instagram :)


Selfie stick :)