July 07, 2012

So, I graduated.

Got a First :D.

Got to wear a fluffy gown!


I think I should be feeling much more grown up now.

When I started uni I thought the fourth years were so old –now I don’t feel at all old!

I’m living at home again and mostly spending my time following my mum around.

But I’m hopeful of getting a job.

I’ve actually decided the area I want to go into now at least!

It’s medical communications if you’re interested. Hopefully healthcare advertising as that seems the most fun.

But getting a job is such a long process! I’ll have to do a minimum of 2 interviews before I get anywhere :s. It’s all a bit worrying.

But I have at least spent my time being unemployed fairly well –I’ve finally read the Hunger Games and Fifty Shades of Grey.

That was fun.


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alex said...

Congratulations! What great news, I hope you do amazing:)