October 07, 2012

I’ve been working for 2 months now.

Getting paid has been fun. And being able to do fun things.



I’m actually really liking my job as well.

I mainly help to organise educational meetings for doctors and plan publications  (journal articles etc.).

I’m also getting to do additional fun things like work on the company website and plan the office Christmas Party!

(very excited about that one)

In November I am hopefully even going to be going to Budapest to work on site at an event!

And there are plans to give me my own projects to lead as well.

So it is all looking good in the job world!


Moving to Reading has been okay. I think it’s taken me a while to settle in properly though.

BUT, this week I’m joining a cheerleading squad! I have always wanted to be a cheerleader and am finally getting round to it! There is a stunt team and a dance team –I’m planning to do both. I am really hoping that I am small enough to be the flyer (who gets thrown around in the air) –it looks the most fun! I’ll join as a trainee but hopefully I’ll get put into a team and be able to compete at cheerleading competitions. I am really the most excited about this!!


Other than that I’ve been filling my life up with going to the gym, trips to London, visits home, a mini break to Cornwall and fun times at Thorpe Park.

Cornwall traffic jams

Traffic jams in Cornwall

We got the most stuck in the tiniest lane when we got diverted off our route. We were sat here for like 30mins just chilling on our way to holiday times. Someone even started walking their dog.


Jamie loves life in Perilporth

Jamie loves life.

He was so very pleased when we took him for a cliff top walk in the rain

Cornwall was v.good times.

We saw a great band –Same Difference/Same Direction/One Direction. They were X factor finalists from maybe 2007 and were so very pleased to be performing at Haven. We loved it.

We went on the longest zipwire in the UK. I didn’t lose my shoes.

I discovered deep hatred for the constant stream of disappointment known as ‘bingo’.

Me and Mel mastered the bingo machines though and won £1 on multiple occasions –never when Jamie was there though, he was somewhat of a hindrance :p. We also had big wins on the 2p machines.

It was fun times for sure, but now I’m ready to plan another trip.

Not my epic adventure though, it turns out I don’t have many holiday days left and I need to save a lot of pounds. Next year though.

For now i am mostly just excited about becoming a cheerleader.


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