April 29, 2014

Windsor has to be one of my favourite places in the UK, I’m always trying to find a reason to go there. So for my birthday weekend my bestie Mel and I went for afternoon tea at the Crooked House. It was very cute inside, we went up a tiny, tiny staircase to what I’m sure must be the best seat in the house, looking out at all the tourists taking photos of us. We had a traditional cream tea with such delicious scones, warm out the oven.


Windsor Castle

Bestie looking like a film star


And then we did what I thought could never be done. We walked the long walk. And guys it’s really, really, really long. You just can’t tell because it’s so straight. We had a couple of hours and thought of course it’s be fine only to end up running back to the car before our parking ran out. Totally worth it though, we just really didn’t want to fail.


A really long walk windsor

So, So far


Horse statue Windsor Long Walk

Made it!


Windsor Long Walk

View from the top –there’s a castle down there somewhere…


Made it Windsor Long Walk

Let me take a selfie.


Windsor just gets better every time, even if you do have to go for an unexpected jog,



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Becca Allen said...

I'd love to go to Windsor - maybe I'll have to do it one weekend, that park looks amazing and the scones sound dreamy! x