April 11, 2012

Monday was my birthday.

And my Dad’s birthday.

And Easter Monday


It was fun :).

Birthday People and Lexia

Birthday People

I got a new camera for my birthday so have been pretty snap happy ever since :). It was from my parents and is super cute and small –it’s the size of a stack of credit cards.


This one got me the most amazing birthday present ever!!!

We’re going on holiday! Yayyy! I am so spoilt! Best bf ever xxxxxxxx

It’s not booked yet but it’s going to be sunny and sandy and swimmy!!

I can not wait! The plan is to go as soon as I’m back from Edinburgh. It’s so nice to have something to look forward to now!


Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

I actually had a major disaster with the birthday cake. Mum had made me a delicious looking cheesecake and once it had cooled I went to get it out the fridge to take the baking paper off…

But I dropped it!!

The cake tin it was baked in had a loose bottom and I managed to completely flip it when I picked it up.

Total disaster!!!

Mum had to run over with a tray to catch the pudding of mess from my hands. I was super sad :(. We put the remnants in a bowl and Mum had the amazing idea of topping it with meringue.

It wasn’t the cake we planned but it was still super delicious…and we covered it in strawberries to hide the mess.

Sparkly Nails

Amazing Sparkly Nail Varnish from Mel x

My birthday day was spent at home with some family, friends and nibbles. Then in the evening Ryan, Mel, Jamie and I went to The Spice Merchant’s for dinner.

Birthday Drive

Mel Drove

Birthday Fear

Ryan had the Fear


But We Were Going Extremely Fast

The Spice Merchants was super tasty as always.

Party hats

There Were Even Party Hats

Birthday Dinner

My Delicious Meal

Birthdays really are my favourite days :D.

It was really nice to be home this year instead of on the other side of the world. Especially as I have the same birthday is my Dad, It was weird being away from him last year.


22 Now!

I’m over the hill ;)


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Cafe.Coffee.Latte said...

Happy Late Birthday! It seems like you had a great time! Celina Marie