March 11, 2012

I’m on Edinburgh Uni Tap Team and in February we did 2 competitions –1 in Edinburgh and 1 in Newcastle. It was super exciting because it was the first time tap team had been taken away to competition (a result of us consistently placing at the Edinburgh competition). Competition is so much fun –especially because I’m only in 1 team, once I’ve done that dance the rest of the day is spent watching everyone else dance and not having to get nervous!


Our dance this year was a mash up doll style –yup pretty random. Super fun though. You can see the video from the Edinburgh competition here. We placed 3rd in Edinburgh, although when we got the judges comments back it turned out we were actually joint 2nd. I guess we got the 3rd because we were hosting and Edinburgh was doing so well in the competition (because we are so awesome). Nearly all the teams placed in Edinburgh so we did really well :D.


Edinburgh competition

Entire Edinburgh Team

We had a smaller team in Newcastle and had had a bit more time to improve the dance and make it more doll-like!  We came 2nd! It was weird though because the team who won in Edinburgh didn’t place in Newcastle, and the team who won in Newcastle didn’t place in Edinburgh. We placed in both so even though we didn’t win at least we’re consistent!


Our Dance in Pictures

tap starthappy tapTap 2teams

(The same guys head is in all these pictures –super annoying!)

Hopefully there might be a Newcastle video soon –but there’s always the Edinburgh one here.

tap team

Newcastle Team

(doll faces)

newcastle team

Entire Newcastle Competition Team

(Look at all out trophies!)

Edinburgh did amazingly well at Newcastle we placed in pretty much every category getting1sts and 2nds!


We had a night out in Newcastle which really was pretty crazy! Did you know it’s pretty much standard for them to serve triples? That’s just normal there!



Room mates


I am actually riding a mechanical bull!!

I was really awful though, I literally fell off at the first buck

Sunday was spent doing a tiny bit of sightseeing (riverside).



Newcastle is actually really beautiful. I never knew! But I guess my views have mainly been based on Byker Grove and Cheryl Cole. It’s so nice though –it’s got really lovely old buildings and everything. And obviously it’s a good night out too ;) .



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Cafe.Coffee.Latte said...

How much fun!! I love seeing your adventures! Have a great weekend!
Celina Marie