April 13, 2012

Yesterday my parents and I were about to have tea. They were in the kitchen and I was stood in the conservatory.

All of a sudden there was a huge BOOM.

The entire conservatory shook. I literally covered my head and ran into the kitchen as I thought it was about to come down on my head.

It sounded like something huge had fallen on the house. Dad even wondered if the chimney had fallen off! We rushed upstairs to check and Mum was even too scared to look in the bedroom and made Dad go.

Everything was normal though.

We went outside and all the neighbours were out checking everybody was okay.

It really sounded like something had exploded.

I rang my brother who lives a few miles away and he had heard it too. Then on checking twitter people as far away as Coventry and Oxfordshire had also heard it!

Apparently it was caused by a tornado plane that had been cleared to go supersonic over land…

typhoon sonic boom

Or an earthquake…

sonic earthquake

Seems a bit weird that it’s been explained twice.

Or does a sonic boom cause an earthquake??

Really I think it was this guy….


Weird times, hey?

Anyway, today is also this girl’s birthday…


Happy Birthday Lexie!!


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Hazel said...

Wow that must have been scary!

Joslin said...

I don't even know what I'd do! That's so scary!

Megan said...

That's so scary!!!! Ahhh!!