March 10, 2012

It might actually be a month ago today that Laurie (my brother) and Abi (his gf) came up to Edinburgh! I am super slow at updating this blog. We had a fun time though and all went to the zoo on the Sunday. Obviously the pandas were amazing and super cute so I’m going to fill this post up with pictures of them. Yay pandas!

I need to go back soon –I was thinking about how much I wanted to when I woke up. Too much work right now though! Who wants to be a final year? (Probably me as soon as I graduate –I’ve got the fear). Anyone here are some lovely pandas for you :D.



Panda chillin





What choo lookin at


(So cute –love the mickey mouse ears)


And here’s just 1 that isn’t a panda….

me and Laurie zizzis

Laurie and I at Zizzi

It was a good weekend. I had the Edinburgh dance competition as well on the Saturday, but more on that soon…


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Hazel said...

Aww I can't wait to go back to Edinburgh to see the panda's!