October 02, 2011

I have literally never known it to be so warm in Edinburgh.

Not even when I have been here in the actual summer.

The weather was crazy good last week.

Although apparently it’s going to snow this month.

Ryan came to stay last week as well.

So it was filled with good things.

Ryan, Tess and I spent a weirdly sunny afternoon walking on the crags.


My Faves

too sunny to look

Too sunny to even look.

I’m glowing pretty luminous white here. That’s how rare the sun is. I spend most of my time here in a coat!

view of Edinburgh

Sunny Edinburgh

The weather was amazing.

Although now it’s back to its normal grey self.

Me and Tess went walking in the Pentlands yesterday and could not see a thing because of the mist.

But I will tell you more about that soon.