October 03, 2011

By hills I mean mountains.

They were huge.

Tess and I thought it seemed like a good idea to go on an 8 mile trek on very little sleep after going out the night before.

So tiring.

Here are a ridiculous amount of photos for you….



Glencorse Reservoir

Glencorse Reservoir



Tess walking

See that hill in the background. It turned out that was the smaller of the two we were going to be climbing.


It was so, so nice to be in the countryside again.

And especially to see these lovely highland creatures.

Highland Cow

Highland Cow licky

I love their fringes.

Baby Highland Cow

We even saw a baby highland cow!

So cute.


The climb up the mountains was so steep and so tiring. But we seemed to get high really quickly.


This was the view from about a quarter of the way up the first mountain (they were definately mountains).

From the top 1

View from the top

It was pretty misty. I imagine the view would have been absolutely amazing on a clear day. We thought it looked like Lord of the Rings though :).

We climbed up that

On our way up the second peak

Yes we did just come from that humongous mountain right behind Tess.



We were literally in the clouds.

On the way down we could hardly see anything ahead of us.

Misty Tess

Creepy TreesIn the clouds

It was actually kind of spooky.

I would not like to have been there on my own.

But it was okay because Tess was there, and she entertained me by playing in the leaves and climbing trees.


leavesTess climbing

We nearly had a massive disaster on the way down though.

The path went through a field of cows.

A field of cows with babies they are very protective over.

I was a bit nervous of going in the field anyway.

(I once ended up climbing up a tree to escape some scary bullocks)

And this one black cow was really not happy to have us there.


scary cows

The one in the background (but the baby wasn’t keen either).

Tess, being much braver than me, tried to make some noise to get the cow to move away.

Meanwhile I had already jumped over the fence to avoid the baby cow.

But mummy cow was not at all happy and started heading towards Tess.

And then head-butted her!

So Tess joined me on the scarcely safer side of the feeble fence that a huge cow is surely able to overcome.

But luckily she didn’t chase us, but she definitely gave me evil eyes when I passed.

Don’t worry Tess was okay. It was a gentle head-butt. More of a warning I think.

Plenty for me to panic about though.

I was very happy when we got back to the main track .


Very good day though.

And only about 30mins and a £1.50 journey from the city.

Just avoid the scary cows.



Leah said...

That picture of the cow is so scary! It looks like it's eyes are glowing! What a fun day! Too much physical exertion for me though! It looks like Ireland

Janelle said...

Wow. What beautiful scenery! Can I come visit? Haha. Visiting from FTLOB.