August 07, 2015

There's a feeling you get when you go to a new  country and you just seem to fit . It's nothing you  can put your finger on,  you just know that this is a place you're supposed to be. I felt that way in Ghana, I felt that way in Croatia, I even felt it on a weekend away to Amsterdam. But Grenada, you just haven't done it for me. Your beaches are  perfect and your waterfalls are beautiful - I just don't think I'll be back.

 This time it's the people who've made the trip for me. I knew most of you to begin with, some were even good friends but I've come out  of this with people I can't imagine not knowing.

Cookie breaks with body buddies, an endless game of bullshit, deep and meaningfuls on the beach, toothpaste thieves, kfc lunch dates, always open doors, thriller dancing,  hash running, pineapple saving, girly nights out, turtle watching, cocktail drinking,  copious eating, boat driving, door to door, Lucy dancing, inflatable fun, all  of the sunsets, sea beers, road beers, volcano beers...

I'd like to think that Grenada played a part in this, and it did provide a nice backdrop, but I think these great times would have happened wherever we were. That feeling you get isn't just  for countries. Bring on the fondue parties.

And remember...

"Torsion  is key"


"It's only fun if you might die."


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