May 07, 2014

Today was my last day at home for a while. Tomorrow I’m heading to London and on Friday I start training to become a Tour Guide with Busabout. It’s actually a dream job - I’m going to be sailing around the Adriatic Sea with their Croatia Sailing product.



Bluebell woods

Bluebell Woods on my last day at home.


I’m a little bit terrified but so excited to be spending my summer in the sun. In my training trip alone I’m going to be going to 4 countries I’ve never, ever been to before –Austria, Germany, Italy and Bosnia & Herzegovina. I think it might be a little bit amazing :D.


I remember going to the interview and thinking ‘I’m going to have to be annoyingly outgoing today’, that’s going to be my whole summer (although hopefully not too annoying)! It’s so strange to think that I went from being a super shy child to someone who’s about to start leading groups of 30 around cities sightseeing and partying…well, as long as I pass training trip…


So, I’ll see you in a while –once I’m done being the person you’re jealous of on instagram  ;) .




Becca Allen said...

Oh my word that sounds fantastic! I hope it is a great experience x