April 26, 2014

I’ve been living at home for the last 9 months, working a lot and generally not getting up to much. But I haven’t been wasting my time, there was a reason I moved home, a reason I quit my job and volunteered in a hospital in Ghana. I’ve been applying to study graduate medicine. It’s been a horrible, stressful experience filled with personal statements and interviews….and rejection after rejection. Until, on my birthday when we were heading for a day at Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo, we ended up lost sat in a pub car park. I looked up from the book I was reading (Allegiant –it’s great) to see an email on my phone with ‘offer’ in the title. I couldn’t quite believe it when I read I had an offer to study medicine from the University of Warwick. I had to get my mum to read it to check it was true. Thankfully it was, my parents looked like they were about to cry and I thought I might genuinely faint if I stood it up.


It’s finally settled in now, I’m going to be a student again, and after that I’m going to do the job I was meant for. Hopefully I’ll even one day be able to work for Medecins Sans Frontieres (my life goal). It’s funny to think that I know where I’m going to be here for the next 4 years –I’d been making back up plans to travel the world!


Last weekend we went to visit the uni and Leamington Spa where a lot of medical students live. I’m hoping to get into campus accommodation for the first year –it all looked pretty nice, big brick houses in a little student village. The medical school is a 15 minute walk away but it’s the most beautiful walk through a campus I’ve ever seen (at least in the UK, UQ in Australia was pretty nice). Warwick has it’s own nature reserve with ponds and woods to walk through to get to the medical school. There’s a cycle path too, a little uphill but at least at the end of the day I could just roll all the way home.


Warwick University Nature Park

Nature Reserve


Warwick University Lake

This is where I’ll walk


Warwick University Woods

Lexie liked it too :)


It was the Easter holidays so the uni was pretty quiet and a lot of places were shut. There’s a lot of places to go at the student union though and an arts centre which looked pretty fun. We stopped for lunch at a pub on campus then headed on to Leamington Spa. It was a really beautiful town, with a lovely, lovely park I could see myself revising in.



Leamington Spa Town Hall

Leamington Spa Town Hall


Leamington Spa Park

The park in Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa Flowers

Pretty flowers


It was way nicer than I’d ever expected. Can’t wait to get started :).




Becca Allen said...

Congratulations! I went to Warwick and lived in Leamington for two years and loved any moment, the town and uni have such a great feel about them and you'll feel so much at home x