May 05, 2012

I handed my dissertation in on Thursday!


I am so happy; it had been following me around for far too long…

I feel so free right now, nothing is taking over my life and I can actually do fun things without feeling guilty.

Today I plan on doing absolutely nothing of importance :D.


This is what my dissertation was about…

Malaria Vaccines; The answer we’ve been waiting for??

That was the title.

The answer is basically….we’re going to have to wait a long time.

There’s my dissertation in 1 sentence right there. Wah, why did I do all the rest?


I only have 1 exam left now, on the 14th of May.

Then I graduate, and real life starts…

but all I want to do is to go travelling again…

but to have money to do so.


Real jobs scare me!


I have a place on a masters in Bristol doing Science Communication.

But it’s £5000, which is so many more pounds than I have. I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to afford to do it this year.


It’s so strange not having a plan. Life has been so structured up until now. It scares me.


Anyway, I’ve got lots of nothing to go and do…


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