February 06, 2012

It turns out I did do something fun.

It just seems so long ago already I forgot.

Ryan had his birthday on the 19th January. So I went down to visit Wales (and him) for the weekend.

New Zealand Mud

Birthday Boy

We had the most amazing Thai meal with his family. We had a set menu so we got loads of things. There were platters of starters and I think 6 mains. That didn’t mean we had 6 main meals each like I initially thought –they were to share. I tried everything and then managed to wangle my own personal bowl of chicken curry :D. There was another bowl as well that didn’t get finished so I like to think no one minded/noticed. I was super happy about it though and felt like quite the sneak!

We even got given hot towels to wipe our hands- like on Singapore airlines (the best part of flying). They made me happy :D.

Then on Saturday we stayed in a posh hotel in Cardiff that Ryan’s parents had got us for his birthday. It was super posh, there was a spa and everything. It was quite the treat. We then met Ryan’s friends for dinner at Prezzo (Yay for Tesco vouchers) and then had multiple 2 for 1 cocktails. I’m a big fan of 2 for 1 as they do not exist in Scotland. Now if I see one I just have to have it as I don’t know when my next opportunity will be! I drank tequila sunrises which remind me of Australia and my fave Sayo! Yummiest drink ever.


We’ve clearly had a few…

Sunday we swam and jacuzzied in the spa before I had to head home to Edinburgh. It was a super lovely weekend though :D.


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