September 10, 2011

Last weekend was spent visiting my Nan in North Wales. It rained a lot. But we should have been expecting it being in Wales.

moody mountains north wales

The mountains look so moody here. Bad weather sometimes makes nice photographs.

Maybe not ‘nice’ –interesting perhaps.

We went for walks up the mountain, in the woods and on the beach.

In the woods

These woods are one of my very favourite places to walk.

mum in the rain

Me and mum got soaked walking up the mountain. We could hardly even see the sea. And obviously as soon as we got back the rain stopped.

It wasn’t so bad though. What I’m really scared of is cold rain. I think winter may be horrible in Edinburgh. I’m supposed to be flying back on monday but we are forecast 80mph winds from the leftovers of the hurricane :s .

mum dad black rock sands

It was super windy when we went to the beach. I had to wear 2 coats but was still cold. We were nearly blown away. Even the dogs ears couldn’t stay down.


We were lucky enough to have one sunny day though. So we went to Porthmadog harbour.

Porthmadog HarbourRowing boats

We saw lovely boats.

Porthmadog view

Then we ate fish and chips by the lake with this as our view.

North Wales is lovely when the sun shines.


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Emma said...

I love Porthmadog - definitely one of my favourite places in North Wales <3

Allegra said...

lovely post!

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