August 17, 2011

The Australian Winter
Yes that is winter.
I wish the English summer would look a little more like that and less like this.
Too much grey.
I’m also craving one of these
I wish 711 would come to the UK. These are so much better than slush puppies.

Yesterday I was working in the pub and I asked someone if they had a good day. Their reply was “I never have a good day”.
I miss those happy Ozzies.
And really all that was wrong with his day seemed to be that he was having his kitchen done (surely a good thing) and a lamp he ordered had not arrived.

I don’t understand people who are automatically grumpy.
They clearly need more things like these in their lives.

Dogs that look like teddy bears
Drink Driving Cows
Balloon Room
And a Room Full of Balloons
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ropcorn said...

Oh man! Those doggies look so cute! And funny cows! No chance anyone can stay grumpy after seeing those pics. :p

Samantha-Elizabeth said...

thanks for stopping by! i'm excited to follow :)

Christi Lynn said...

this is too cute. i love those dogs that look like teddy bears!