March 25, 2014

I was so excited that I’d arrived in time for the afternoon safari. There were 3 Dutch people already going (who were super nice) so I was able to split the cost and go for the jeep safari with them. Even just climbing up to sit on top of the jeep was exciting. When else do you get to travel on top of your vehicle?


Jeep Safari Mole National Park

Nice view from up here…

We set off and hadn’t gone far before we saw antelope running off into the distance –my first safari animal!


Antelope Mole National Park

Hey Deer


We bumped along the track, our guide banging on the roof of the truck to make the driver stop when he saw something interesting. A tree absolutely full of monkeys, then monkeys everywhere as they start running into the distance away from our car (a little more wild then the friendly monkeys at Boabeng-Fiema).


On safari Mole National Park

Guys, I’m on safari! Lifelong dream completed.


We continued on seeing more antelope before turning around to try a different route. This one had baboons! Swinging in the trees, just watching us, watching them. It was amazing to see –they really looked like they were wondering what we were doing outside their front door.


Baboons Mole National Park

Hey Guys, What Cha Doing?

We carried on, crossing streams down into the valley where we saw a different kind of antelope, a lot of Pumbas (warthogs) and even a crocodile’s eyes peeping up in the water hole. I was excited to see a crocodile in the wild because it was the only wild animal I’d missed out when I was in Australia.

Waterhole Mole National Park

This made me feel like I was in the Lion King…


The safari was amazing and made me oh so excited for the morning walking safari where we might even see elephants –The reason I had embarked on this crazy solo journey.


On a side note, the food is amazing at Mole National Park. We went for a beer and dinner after the safari and I had the best chips I’d had in Ghana. So delish.