March 12, 2014


As I said goodbye to my adopted family I realised that I would once again end up arriving somewhere new at night, not ideal. I got the tro-tro back to Techiman, and then another on to Kintampo. The clouds started to close in as we left Techiman and soon it was tipping it down with rain.  I was  lucky enough to have the window seat by a door that didn’t close properly, in a storm and was getting damper and damper as rain trickled down the back of my seat. As I tried to manoevure myself into a position where the rain wasn’t running down my back, I once again was wondering whether I’d made a bad choice and should have perhaps gone straight to Tamale rather than stopping off to see Kintampo falls. I even went as far as to look for a bus going on to Tamale when I arrived in Kintampo but there was nothing until the morning.


I asked around for a guesthouse and found myself in a slightly sketchy room just off the main road, but at least I had it all to myself. Realising I hadn’t eaten since the morning I had an amazing meal of barbequed beef and indomie noodles from one of my favourite shop names I’d seen (bearing in mind that most shop names have some sort of religious affiliation).


Mind your own business ghana


I set my alarm for 5am, with the aim of quickly seeing Kintampo Falls before heading on up to Mole National Park. In the end the alarm was unnecessary, blaring music woke me up just before it went off. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the Ghanaian’s need to get up crazy early. It was still dark so I waited a little while for dawn and then headed to find a taxi who would take me to the falls. When I arrived at crazy early O’ clock it turned out that the falls didn’t open until 8am, but you know this is Ghana and someone paused from their work feeding the chickens to take my 5 cedis. I had the falls entirely to myself and it was amazing. The early bird really does catch the worm.


Behind Kintampo falls

Behind the 1st Part of the Falls

Kintampo Falls

The Main Part of Kintampo Falls

Awkward Kintampo Falls Selfie

Awkward Waterfall Selfie

Normally this place has huge crowds, but when I was there it was so quiet and peaceful, all you could hear were the sounds of nature, it was simply amazing. Everything always seems to work out for the best, all my troubles seemed to lead me to a new and unique experiences that I would never have had otherwise. Having the waterfall to myself was pretty magical – no distractions,  no self-consciousness, no worries. Just me and the falls chilling in the early dawn. Perfect.



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