November 02, 2013

As I’m back home, my Mum and I have been having a sort out of all of the random stuff we’ve acquired over the years.


My mum came across this delightful Mother’s day card I gave her as a child… It is actually ridiculous!


Funny Mothers Day Card


In case you have trouble deciphering my childhood script, I’ve transcribed it below:


‘Dear Mum


Your eyes are like sapphires twinkling all the time.


Your lips are like bananas hot in the sun.


Your teeth are like crystals sharpened at the end.


Your ears are like cushuions soft as snow.


Your nose is like ripe plums growing on a tree.


Your hair is like brown silk growing in your head.


Your eyebrows are like pretend fur tails.


Your eyelashes are like pine needles off a christmas tree.


Your forehead is like a ball cut in half.


Your hole head is like a ball rolling around at the end of your neck.


From Claire’


I can only assume that we were working on similes and descriptive words at school when I made this. Fyi Mum does not actually have lips resembling bananas or a nose resembling a plum. I can only imagine how hilarious it must have been to receive this. I have been loling ridiculously since we came across it. At least I made an effort with the artwork.


Mothers Day



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