October 25, 2013

I went to the Doctor’s today, waited over an hour for my appointment, listened to the kids get told off in the waiting room, spent my time reading articles on my phone while everyone actively ignores one another. It made me miss my hospital in Ghana bad! Noise everywhere, more people than you ever thought could fit on a wooden bench, casually waiting for hours and hours because you respect the health workers time enough for it not to matter. No appointment system, wait your turn, babies first-totally fine.


There was a sign saying “You are welcome to breast feed here”. I’m glad it’s fine but is a sign really necessary? I’d got so used to people doing it everywhere in Ghana it seems ridiculous that it should even be an issue here.


Anyway, it reminded me that I still hadn’t got round to writing about Ghana on here. I’ll go into more detail soon but in summary, I spent 2 months volunteering in a hospital in Ghana, living in a house of volunteers and spending my weekends travelling and getting to know the local party scene.


Here are a few of my fave pics



The beach in Elmina –my first weekend trip


Partying in the local underground gay bar (bearing in mind that homosexuality is illegal there)



Failed attempt at the lion king pose on lion king rock….


Volunteering at the Street Library where I let the kids do my hair….



Feeding a monkey –a wild monkey!



My unplanned accidental homestay family. So lovely and welcoming!



ELEPHANT! When I finally made it to Mole National Park.

Going to Ghana was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made and I have so much more to write about it. It was genuinely one of, if not ‘the’ best time of my life. I can’t believe I’m not still there…I’m still not over it.



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