January 10, 2012

Just a little late.


For New year Ryan, Mel, Boz and I went to Edinburgh for a ‘short break’ and had a lovely time. Tess and Ollie came up for new year too :).

We played Rapidough. I was super excited about Rapidough and filled my entire hand luggage with it and no room for anything else. I think it was worth it though. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically Pictionary but instead of drawing you model playdough. Ended up saying some ridiculous things though. I thought Ryan was making a “hand mushroom” which really turned out to be a palm tree. Fail.

We went to the Edinburgh dungeons. Actually amazing, so much fun! I came out with a sore throat I was screaming so much! Ryan was a terror though trying to freak everyone out in the dark.

On the 30th we went to the Torch lit Parade. It was spectacular (which isn’t a word I ever use but it seems appropriate). Thousands of people walked down the mound, along Princes Street and up Calton Hill carrying flame torches. There were so many people, it looked absolutely amazing! And I’m sure everyone has always wanted to have a flame lit torch. No idea how health and safety ever let it go ahead though. I think if it happened anywhere else it could easily end up in riots. It concluded with the son et lumiere fireworks. At the top of Calton Hill we were surrounded by fireworks as they were going off from all of the monuments. Mel even thought they were the best fireworks she’d ever seen! This was definitely one of the highlights of Hogmanay!

Torch ParadeTorch Art

New Year’s Eve was super exciting because Ryan bought me a dress to wear and surprised me with it! It came in a sparkly box and everything. He chose really well too (although I think he had help from a few elves). I am super lucky.

We spent New Year’s eve playing Rapidough whilst drinking £1.99 sparkly chaumet from lidl. Pretty much champagne :D. We then headed down the street to watch the fireworks at the castle. Which were obviously amazing.

New Years Eve Fireworks Edinburgh

Friends Edinburgh New Years

We then headed to Hive to party the night away and fun was had by all.

Ryan and I NYE 11-12

My amazing New Dress

dance nye 11-12

Good times :)

New Year’s Day was spent having a pub lunch and watching Harry Potter. What more could you need?

new years day 12

Happy New Year!


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Hazel said...

I adore Edinburgh. My boyfriend and I went there for Halloween and we fell in love with the place! We went to the Dungeons too and found the Judge hilarious!

I'm glad you had a fab time there too :)

Twad'dler said...

Amazing. Something i've ALWAYS wanted to do. One year!