December 28, 2011


I have not written on here for over a month because my life has been ridiculously busy.

I had 4 hellish exams and an essay to write so revision took over my life. But I have now had a whole week of freedom and a lovely Christmas!

Here’s what I have been doing in the last ages….



Feeling Christmassy at The Dome


Admiring the Jenner’s Tree

They actually have to take a revolving door and 2 sets of side doors to get this in –it is huge!


Visited Edinburgh Castle

It’s freebies for St Andrew’s weekend so that is pretty much the only time I will ever go.


Went on the Big Wheel and Admired the Christmas Market from Above

I also actually went ice skating but can’t seem to find any photos of that :s.


Made an Amazing Chequer Board Cake!


Picked out a Christmas Tree

I love this place because you get to wander around all the Christmas trees and then when you’ve found one you like they come and chop it down for you. Super Fresh!



Decorated the Christmas Tree


Bullied Oscar

Don’t worry, he likes it :).


Saw the Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo!

They are actually amazing! And so cute!


Finally got to Drive the Race Car at the Museum

Every time I had been to the museum before there has always been a huge cue and millions of children waiting to drive it.Stupid kids. Finally when I went with my parents last week it was pretty much deserted and it was finally my turn :D.


Christmas Day at Friday Island

I had a lovely Christmas day at Laurie’s house and we even spent the evening in the hot tub! Perfect way to end Christmas.


Today I’m heading back to Edinburgh with Ryan, Mel and her bf Boz for New Year’s Eve. I’m super excited about finally spending New Years there. I’m really not sure how I haven’t already. Something to do with Disneyland and Australia I suspect.


Merry Christmas

and a

Happy New Year



Hazel said...

Aww the panda's look awesome! I'll have to head back to Edinburgh to see them :)

Plus I never got a chance to visit the museums either so gotta do that too someday lol