November 09, 2011

Back in the days when Ryan was here… on Monday, we headed up Calton Hill. I realised that I have never actually been up there in the daylight. I think I’ve only ever been to watch the fireworks. But by day the views were amazing. Here are a few photos for you :).

Arthurs seat from Calton Hill

View of Arthur’s Seat

Calton HillCalton Hill monumentscannon calton hill

Calton Hill Monuments

Including ‘Edinburgh’s Disgrace’ -the unfinished columns. I kinda like it how it is though. And it’s the ideal fireworks watching spot.


Edinburgh to the north Calton hill

View to the North

Misty Edinburgh Calton Hill

City View

Palace Edinburgh

The Palace

I sort of felt like I was spying on the Queen taking this picture. I think it looks like a fairytale palace with Arthur’s seat in the background.


Now Ryan has gone home. And Tess isn’t back till later tonight.

I have been bored!

Also the work is starting to pile up :s. Exams are coming all too soon.


But I do have an advent calendar from Ryan and his parents! I’ve hung it on my wall so it cheers me every time I see it.

I <3 the Christmas season!