November 18, 2011

Gemsville Penguin shoesGemsville Penguin Shoes side


They just arrives and I LOVE them!!

My friend Gem made them for me and they are amazing!!


You can buy them here:

Not the same as mine though –get your own :p

She’ll even design them however you want.

And they were only £25 :D

She also does purses, bags and caricatures.

And here is her facebook.


You’re welcome!


The Post Office have been ridiculous though and didn’t give me a redelivery note so I started to panic that they were lost, but really they were waiting at the Post Office.

I am so happy to have some penguin shoes!!

Best Shoes EVER!


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Kathy S said...

On my goodness! I need a pair of those!

Vikki @ She Has Cute Shoes! said...

Really cute!

Checking out the site now!