August 23, 2011

Ryan came to visit on Sunday. We’ve been having a lovely time.

Last night we went to Jamie’s to make fajitas and they were delish.


And then we had the yummiest chocolate shortbread home made by WenWen (Jamie’s mummy). So much gooey deliciousness. I was completely full but still managed 1 and a half.

Then RyRy asked if we could go and see MelMel. Very specifically “Can we go and see MelMel” was what he said. But Mel was at work.

So obviously we secretly surprised her and made her climb a ladder.

She is not a painter, she works in a bar –with ladders.


MelMel concentrating on being a barmaid




We really did make her climb a ladder. We think she liked it.

Really it was neccesary. Jamie really, really wanted some apple sours from the very top shelf.


We liked it loads.

I’m looking a little bit sunburnt here. I think it’s from a day kayaking in the sun (by day I mean approxiamately 20mins –I burn easy).

But more on that tomorrow.


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