January 09, 2014

I really must write about this before I forget. I have a terrible habit of forgetting my life and I had the most amazing times I really want to remember them all before they start blurring into 1.


Week 2 in Ghana involved my first outing to Osu and a cheeky day trip to Bojo beach. Osu is Accra’s nightlife area where a lot of great times were had. This night started a bit iffily when one of the volunteers got in an argument with a security guard, ran away and ended up in the back of a police car. Luckily we were able to talk the police into letting him go but this was one of the scarier moments in Ghana. I have to say not at all the norm, he was deffo causing trouble :p. The night continued with the most horrendous tasting cocktails. I don’t know what kind of moonshine they were serving in this bar but it was not tasty. Give me Goal any day. Have I told you about Goal? Only the most delicious cane spirit served in sachets at the equivalent of about 10p each. I wouldn’t want to know what was in it but it always makes for a good night. The next day we went to the beautiful Bojo beach. It cost 10C to get in (about £3.50) but was so beautiful. You ride across on a little boat to get to the sand bank where there’s a bar and restaurant and plenty of beach for sunbathing.


Bojo beach


That weekend was spent chilling in Accra. We had a great night out on the Friday, predrank playing Paranoia (my fave drinking game) before heading to Container for bargain 70 pesowa shots of Cardinal (a delicious strawberry spirit) and then Tantra for party times. Was a great night until it ended with the threat of fights, walking along a highway and slapping the guy whose fault it was (so unlike me, think it was actually the first time I’ve hit anybody and only with good reason). The day after was a recovery day but we did make it to the mall to eat pizza (sometimes Ghanaian food just couldn’t cut it). On Sunday we went to a hotel where we could use the pool. It was so, so nice to swim without getting covered in sand and knocked over by the waves. Everyone was still pretty burnt out from Friday though so it was pretty chill…until we got home and a few of us thought it was a good idea to drag the mattresses out on the balcony and play ring of fire. I literally felt like I was in halls again with the anytime drinking and friends surrounding me. I loved it. It got a little bit awkward when the director came over to work late though; I’m sure we did a great job of pretending to be sober.


Week 3 heralded the discovery of the alcohol wholesalers just up the road from our house. 4C for 20 sachets of goal. Could not get any better. We went away to Busua for the weekend. Honestly I thought it was going to be a lot nicer…but it was the only place I actually felt safe swimming without terrible currents…and there was a giant phallus swing which made for great photo ops.


Busua penis swing

I hired a body board and had a great morning surfing the waves. We then headed further West along the bumpiest dirt road to Green Turtle Lodge. This place was absolutely beautiful. One of the first things that happened when we got there was, finding a coconut, which the staff then opened for us (with a machete) so we could drink the milk. Just the epitome of tropical paradise. We spent our afternoon swimming in the sea, chilling in the sun and playing with the litter of puppies that lived there. The only bad thing I have to say about this place is that the electricity got turned off around 10.30 when we were still getting our drink on. We had to move our party on down to the beach but that’s always fun.


Green Turtle Lodge


In the morning we went on a canoe trip through the mangroves with a local fisherman. He told us some interesting stories about their local beliefs. There were certain places they couldn’t go on particular days and other beliefs based on the order of birth. The culture in remote places just seemed so different to what I was used to. One thing that at first I found pretty shocking was the process of scarification. Children will be deliberately cut for either cultural reasons or in some cases beautification. You would often see people with scars on the face and I did even grow to understand the beauty of it –in the same way that people here will get tattooed.


Next time Hiking and Barbeques! xx