January 17, 2014

What made the trip so good, but also so sad was that there were always new people arriving, and friends leaving. By the time I left there was noone left from when I arrived - I said goodbye to so many people. One of the worst was when Dan and Sarah left. The night before we’d dragged a BBQ up to pool bar (our local), attempted to cook burgers and ended up asking the kebab man to instead. It was such a lovely night with everyone and ended with Dan, Greg, Sarah and I deciding to have a sleepover on Sarah’s room (although I did promptly fall into an alcohol induced slumber).


From civilised…pool bar

…to mayhem

pool bar mayhem


The next day, Dan, Sarah and I headed to Kokrobite beach for Sarah’s last day. It was a bit of a disappointment to be honest. I did go on to have some epic times there, it just turns out its much better as a night destination.


That weekend a few of us went to Elmina and Cape Coast again. It was kind of an odd weekend though –it probably wasn’t a natural group to hang out to be honest. Although it was unforgettable, we went on the most disgusting walk from our resort to Elmina. Such a mistake, we found ourselves claiming across rocks covered in excrement and through a village covered in fish drying out on the roofs. So smelly and gross. Such a hygiene issue in Ghana. I did at least go to Cape Coast Castle that weekend. It was good to see but I did prefer Elmina Castle (more interesting and we had a tour all to ourselves).


Elmina walk

The walk started off nice…


For the second slightly disappointing trip of the week Greg and I went to the Botanical Gardens for the afternoon. The thing was it had come highly recommended by one of the volunteers but she had gone there on a date so was apparently massively biased. We hired bikes and rode around what was basically a small park. I did however eat a great kebab and pretend to be a pilot in a broken old helicopter so it wasn’t all bad.




That weekend we went back to Bojo beach and had a great night partying at Big Millies in Kokrobite. They have a reggae party there every weekend and it is so much fun. Sad times the next day though, when I had to say goodbye to another bestie, Greg. That weekend really felt like changeover for me. All my faves from the first half of my trip had left and lots of new people started arriving so it became a completely different group. The first half was so much fun because everyone was always up for doing something –it felt just like being back in halls again. It did get a little cliquey and drama filled with so many of us though. The second half was much more chilled but we all became so close, it was really lovely. Gah, I miss it all so much!