November 06, 2011

Yesterday I had the loveliest day.

Ryan has been up since last week but I’ve been super busy with work so we haven’t got to do anything that exciting.

But he’s going on Monday so I put off my work yesterday.

We started the morning by heading to the farmer’s market for breakfast.

Ryan had a doughnut and I had the hugest, tastiest danish.

Edinburgh Farmer's Market danish

So pleased :)

Then we headed to town and actually bought some Christmas presents. Super organised, Ryan was feeling pretty shocked by it.

Edinburgh castle Prince's street

Edinburgh Castle

It was actually a really nice day –super cold though.


We then had an amazing lunch at wagamamas. It was so ridiculously delicious.

Wagamamas is new here. It’s only been open 5 days so we had to cue for a table. It was definitely worth it though.

delicious wagamamasRyan's noodles at wagamamasnoodle Ryantasty tasty wagamamas

Nom nom nom

We spent the afternoon watching bridesmaids then headed to Meadowbank for the fireworks.

They were amazing –I have literally never been to such a long display. Even longer then NYE in Sydney. It was like 25mins of fireworks. And they set it to music, opening with Doctor Who :D. And I’m pretty sure that there was some Disney in there too.

It was magical!

I don’t have any pictures because I was pretty mesmerised and they wouldn’t have turned out too well anyway. It really was amazing though. I wish I could go again.

We ended the night wandering back through town and sharing some fish and chips.


Such a nice day.