March 04, 2014

It absolutely baffles me that this isn’t celebrated everywhere. It is one of the best days of the year. It is especially good when you forget it’s pancake day, like I did today, and get surprise pancakes! What could be better?


Traditionally pancakes are made to use up all the ingredients you weren’t allowed to use during lent. But now it seems to be more of a competition to see who can eat the most pancakes. I’m on 2 so far but I’m hoping a pancake dinner will be on the horizon.


For those of you not lucky enough to be British and already to have enjoyed your pancakes this morning, I’d like to give you the amazing gift of my Mum’s pancake recipe for proper English pancakes (sorry American pancakes don’t count, unless it’s your second pancake meal of the day – I have been known to have English pancakes for breakfast and American pancakes for tea). Also btw, pancakes are not the same as French crepes, they’re a bit thicker and more delicious :D.


Claire’s Mum’s Pancake Recipe


-4 tbsp Flour

-2 Eggs

-0.5l Milk


Whisk it all together, heat some oil or butter in the pan, ladle in the pancake mixture and swirl around until the bottom is coated.


Let it cook for a while, when it is ready to be flipped it will come off the bottom easily, no need to keep harrassing it with the fish slice.


Attempt a flip if you’re brave –if not carefully turn over with your fish slice. Cook until it looks delicious.


Put on a plate, cover with your topping and roll up (the rolling is important –no stacking or folding please).


Suggested toppings are traditionally lemon and sugar or golden syrup but feel free to go wild with anything you find in the cupboard. If created epic combinations of jam, sweeties and cake sprinkles before –really anything goes!



This morning’s pancakes with golden syrup and lemon


Also, fyi, unless you’re an amazingly experienced pancake cooker like my mum, the first pancake always goes wrong. This is not a reflection on your pancake making skills, it will probably still taste delicious, just look like a mess.


I recommend you all hop on the bandwagon of this tradition. It’s one of the most delicious days of the year :).



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